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Matt Biolette
  Matt Biolette is one of Michigan’s key faces in recycling and solid waste during the last ten years.
  During that time Matt’s time has helped improve over 50 municipal programs and provide guidance to corporations on zero landfill programing.
  He spends many hours per year providing sessions like this one today involving development of municipal programing, public education, recycle facility tours and youth / school outreach.
  Matt enjoys the challenges of educating communities, leaders, and residents in how to have a safe, durable and resourceful materials management program that will be sustainable for years to come.
  Matt is also proud to serve on the Michigan Recycling Coalitions board of directors during the last 8-years where he helps to guide decisions effecting recycling, composting, public outreach and legislation throughout the State of Michigan.
  Matt enjoys living in SW Michigan with his wife Jenny and he has four adult children Jon, Zach, Jason and Brandon; which he refers to as his gang of misfits.
  Matt Biolette, of Republic Services, will be presenting why all recyclables are not acceptable at the curb.
  During his multimedia presentation, Matt will go though:
  1. The key products you should recycle every day,
  2. How to deal with the hard to recycle items, and
  3. Where you can take those items to be recycled or reused.
Republic Services:
  Republic Services is nationally recognized leader in solid waste management with over 100 recycling centers processing over 5 million tons annually and 193 active landfill operations in 41 states that provide services to over 15 million customers.
  Today Matt is a key part of Michigan’s municipal management team with Republic Services. AFFEW PO Box 177; Ludington, MI 49431