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Solar Energy & Energy Efficiency - a perfect combo!
  by:  Ric Evans - Owner & Executive Director of Paradigm Energy Services
  Did you know that Solar Energy is now less expensive than utility supplied power, and that a deep energy efficiency upgrade to your home or office can improve comfort as well as indoor air quality, not just save you money!?!
  Join Ric Evans of Paradigm Energy Services for this fun session as we explore the exciting changes happening in the worlds of solar energy and energy efficiency. Ric will bring several real-life case studies and job examples with him to go over and discuss, including the most cost effective methods to reduce your energy use, as well as how to best utilize solar power - so be sure to bring your energy questions!
  Ric has been an "Energy Guy" for over 10 years, and has taught 'Building Science" at Northwestern Michigan College, as well as performed countless energy audits and solar site assessments over the years, so he's about seen it all!
  He's also served on the Great Lakes Energy Board of Directors since 2011, representing Antrim County. Feel free to visit to learn more about what Ric is up to! AFFEW PO Box 177; Ludington, MI 49431