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Annual Meeting

AFFEW held the 2013 annual meeting on Thursday October17th.

There was a report of activities and election of members to the 2014 Board.   Hors d'oeuvres were provided, along with informal access to the board members.


The speaker was:

Peter Sinclair   

For the past five years, Peter Sinclair has been producing the YouTube video series "Climate Denial Crock of the Week" to push back against the tide of disinformation on climate change and global warming, and to discuss solutions. He also produces a companion series called "This is Not Cool" through the Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media.




The Science is clear, the world is warming


As reported by Steve Begnoche, Ludington Daily News, October 18, 2013


During an hour-long presentation on matters concerning climate change to the A Few Friends for the Environment of the World annual meeting, Peter Sinclair reviewed ways critics of climate change science purposely distort information while ignoring the scientific record he maintained clearly shows the world is getting warmer, that arctic ice is disappearing at an alarming rate, and that climate change effects are clearly seen in weather the world is experiencing.


He showed how critics sometimes purposely pick out details such as a winter when the arctic ice surface size increases while ignoring the long term trend that clearly shows a decline in the more important measurement: the mass of that ice.


As the arctic ice melts, it affects the jet stream which directs weather.  The loss of ice means less really cold, sub-zero temperatures of minus 20 or colder that cools the air and powers the jet stream.  With the reduction of cooling, the jet stream moves more slowly, stalls more often, and distorts so that there are more extreme weather events such as in March, 2012, when days of 80-degree temperature in Michigan and the eastern half of the nation caused havoc while simultaneously Arizona was receiving record snows.


Those same phenomena caused a lengthier cool spring this year as again the jet stream stalled.


“If you have the feeling the weather is different now than when you were growing up, you are right,” he said.


Talking to about 40 people at the AFFEW meeting at Jamesport Brewing Co., the Midland-based graphics designer and activist who has won support from scientists for his online efforts to debunk climate change critics, said satellites are good at measuring heat gain/heat loss and the measurements undeniably show more heat being stored on Earth than before.

Most of that heat 93 percent of it — is stored in the oceans which he compared to a thermometer.  As a thermometer warms, the mercury in it expands and shows a higher temperature.  The oceans, he said, also are expanding, and sea level is rising.  “That is global warming,” he said.
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