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AFFEW's mission is to provide visitors and residents with information regarding environmental issues having local importance by promoting public awareness, hosting balanced discussions, providing referral to other organizations, and sponsoring activities which promote a healthier ecosystem.
AFFEW's purpose is to promote appreciation for our environment and thereby create attitudes in the public which will help maintain the health of our local area and the planet. We try to maintain an open-minded approach in our dealings with business, industry and other environmental groups. We seek long term solutions to problems that are brought to our attention and make an effort to be well-informed and fair in our recommendations.
Information about Recycling
Two tables are available here on our web site.  One is a list of things that can be recycled and the second table is a list of locations that take recyclable items.  Links allow logical movement between the two tables.
The information contained in these tables is fluid and subject to change over time.  We would appreciate hearing about additions and corrections that you discover while recycling.
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Our activities are all associated with preserving the environment of our local area for us and for our children.  We will not support political candidates, but we do sponsor forums where all sides of environmental issues are invited to put forward their views.
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